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A Smart Choice for Energy Savings Projects.

Local, boutique-quality service. Global experience. All Technology Categories. Proven expertise with Gov't Agencies and ESCOs. Measurement and Verification. Forecasting for established and new technologies. WA Professional Engineers (P.E.)

The Formula for Achieving Goals

The seven step formula for achieving goals, formatted for 4"x6"borderless printing creating a quick-reference card for your desk.

Barriers to Entry

Observations from a thirty-six year old Facebook nube. Socially active people who are not a part of Facebook are not a part of Facebook on purpose, but is the resistance really beneficial?

Glossary of Common Renewable Energy Financial Terms

This is an abridged list of commonly used business terminology associated with renewable energy projects.  It is not intended to be exhaustive, nor should it be used as an exclusive source of business development and / or investing information.  You should consult with an industry expert to understand the risks involved prior to making any investment.

Renewable Energy Methodology

Renewable energy technology investments offer the potential of substantial revenue generation, and reduced impact on the environment, but not without risk.  This document provides an overview of the four cornerstones, developed by Power Focus Engineering, PS, for successful renewable energy projects.

Improving Customer Service through Statistical Process Control

This report provides a glimpse into methods which can be used to provide significant, measureable improvements to the customer service and professional training arenas. A fictitious, but representative data set is used for example in this report.

Solar Thermal Break-Even Analysis

The deployment of solar renewable assets carries a certain amount of intrinsic value in the form of carbon footprint reduction and increased energy independence. However, these factors alone are not enough to make a sound business decision. A proven understanding of relevant financial regulations and accurate solar energy modeling are needed for the break-even analysis.

Six Quick Facts for Renewable Energy Projects

This document provides a quick reference for renewable energy projects in and around the Tri-Cities, WA area. These can be made applicable to any region. Please contact us for a customized version for your city.

The Benefits of Technical Legal Consulting

This document provides a quick reference for the benefits of technical legal consulting. We are experts, not professors. Let us get the laws of physics on your side.